A Look Into The Insidious Alcoholic Mind

Sober Courage

alcoholism: a medical condition in which someone frequently drinks too much alcohol and becomes unable to live a normal and healthy life – from Merriam-Webster Dictionary

This standard definition of alcoholism in no way portrays what actually used to go on inside of my mind as I was constantly bombarded by my addiction. My entire existences was based on proving that I was not an alcoholic, as I tried in any way possible to be a responsible drinker. I made many, many rules, all concatenated with the idea that I finally had a sneaky plot against my insidious tyrant – alcohol!


On the podcast with KLĒN+SŌBR, I describe my last insanity moment with alcohol as I walked into a store to get food for dinner and instead I walk out with two boxes of wine, completely forgetting that the last time I drank I vowed to never, ever, ever…

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